Computer Hardware (hardware)

Computer Hardware (hardware)

The first system is a computer hardware. Hardware can be defined as components that can be viewed and physical presence can be felt.

On the Inside: Processing Devices


The following are the main component hardware computer systems, namely:

The core computers that act as the main control computer. Everything that is done. The other term is Microprocessor CPU, computing machine that is full of organized on a chip. Microprocessor is the first Intel 4004 introduced the first time in 1971. This processor is not too “severe”, which can be the ‘only’ and only Answer. 4004 processor used in the first electronic calculator.

Memory data storage media is the most quickly. Must be fast because this component is connected directly to the processor. Memory is the temporary data storage media in order to accelerate the process of data processing, and serves to store data and programs.

Mainboard is the main media in which all the computer’s internal components installed. Mainboard allows internal components to obtain electricity and communicate with one another. Components include an external media input and output is also connected to the mainboard.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) or adapter, is the media needs of electricity used by the computer. PSU, including a very important device in the computer because without this device, the computer is just a display of goods made of plastic or metal. On the computer, PSU easily recognizable shape. Typically located at the corner for the desktop and tower cases. PSU can be seen on the back of the computer cases.

Hard Disk is a permanent storage media that have very large capacity to store data such as documents or programs. Currently, PC or server is generally connected with one or more hard disk. Mainframe and Super Computers are generally connected with hundreds of hard disk. Handycam certain type, connected to the hard disk. All this hard to do one function. Hard drive gives you the ability to computer-to remember what was, even when there is no electricity. Electronic components is a hard drive that can store digital data changes into the form of permanent data. Hard Disk developed starting in 1950.

Operating system (OS = operating system) is a software program or base that allows users to interact with computers. OS is the first time run by a computer. Without the OS, the computer will not be useful.

IDE controller is the primary component of hard disk, CD-ROM, and Floppy disk with the computer. IDE controller is a standard medium for permanent storage media.

PCI Bus connection media is the most commonly used for components on the computer. PCI uses a series of “slots” on the mainboard components PCI paired.

  • SCSI (small computer system interface)

SCSI (known as “scuzzy”) is a technology that is the (interface) for the external components on the computer. Examples of external components using the SCSI interface is hard or scanner.

Sound Card is on the computer audio media to remove the sound output through the speakers. Media is also used to record data or run the audio data with audio data to convert analog to digital and vice versa.

Graphics Card is the media on the computer that serves to remove the display as the still image or moving through a display output device (for example a monitor). Media is to translate the data into a computer image of a format that can be displayed by a monitor.

Images that appear on the monitor is a combination of dots, called micro-sized pixel. In the resolution setting the standard monitor, the image may consist of millions of pixels, and the computer must decide which point should be chosen to form a picture. To do this required a translator, that is something that can take the binary data from the CPU and translate it into the form of the usual image we see. Translator is a Graphic Card.

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